God's Will: The Missions

Dear Friends in Christ,

For many years I have had a deep love and concern for the poorest and most disadvantaged people in the world, thus my great passion of the cause of promoting human dignity. Every time I have gone on a mission trip, whether internationally or domestically, I have come alive and been filled with overwhelming joy and peace. It has occurred to me that this is a call to actually walk with them.

I spent an amazing 10 days at the retreat center of a missionary organization that has within it priest, sister and lay communities (http://heartshome.org/). They also train young lay volunteers to spend 14 months or longer in the missions. My experience of the community was of a loving family with an atmosphere of love and welcome. I have never had a better retreat. Therefore, I have begun the process of joining the priest community, the Priestly Fraternity of Molokai. God willing, I will begin my first mission with them in October in a beautiful village for the poor, abandoned and disabled in Brazil.

Obviously, providing a priest for the poor cost money and needs prayer. If you would like to be a financial or spiritual sponsor of my mission to Brazil, you can send it to the address below (be sure to write for Fr. James Bromwich in the mailing and on the check). As soon as my name is added to their website, you will be able to become a sponsor online. In exchange for spiritual or financial sponsorship, you will receive regular updates from my mission site and writings from me. Thank you for your prayers and support and may God bless you.

 Heart’s Home USA
108 St Edwards St.
Brooklyn, NY 11205