Building a Bridge to Evangelize Culture

Father Bromwich has just released his new book on Amazon, Toolkit for Evangelization,

which helps fulfill a great need in our culture to create a "bridge" to Faith. It helps Christians talk about their faith on the level of reason and experience, a level that can immediately open up meaningful conversation.

Perfect for parish and campus groups, teachers and evangelization leaders, as well as individual study. It is accessible, inexpensive and engaging.

The book is available at the link below:

Evangelizing Culture: Truth, Life, Love

1) Our primary objective is to evangelize culture by finding new and compelling ways to communicate the Gospel to contemporary men and women who are often not ready for a direct catechesis, but are open to, even deeply concerned about, the most basic issues of life. Some of these include:
  • Why I am here? What's my purpose?  
  • Does my life really matter?
  • Am I loved?
  • How can I be happy?
  • Am I truly free?
  • What will happen to me when I die?
2) In a related way, we also address some of the most fundamental topics of morality, since evangelization would be incomplete without entering into the deepest moral dilemmas faced by people on almost a continuous basis. In fact, the moral life of the person is integral to human identity in the daily choices we make. Therefore, we address issues ranging from abortion and assisted suicide to gay "marriage" and the "manufacturing" of children (third-party reproduction). We seek to teach the culture as it is using reason informed by faith.
Currently, we are working on the University Truth Project, creating an Evangelization Toolkit geared primarily toward college students, but also user-friendly with senior high school students, young adults, and ideally, all motivated Catholics and Christians of goodwill. It is meant to train missionaries to the culture. It takes a "bottom up" approach, beginning with the most basic of human longings and desires, drawing on reason and experience, with the ultimate goal of leading the person being engaged to a life of Faith, to becoming fully human. We are grateful to the Our Sunday Visitor Institute and our donors for providing funding for this project.

Further, we have compiled a series of Fact Sheets into a booklet to be used in promoting a culture of life and love. Again, these are written in such a way as to speak to people with little or no faith and religious training. We are currently working toward converting these into brief brochures and talking points to reach the widest audience. This project began as our legislative project, thanks to funding from the Mary Cross Tippmann Foundation and our donors.

In addition to training missionaries in the areas mentioned, we also take these materials and discussions door-to-door and to the streets.  

We must not be behind time in doing good, for death will not be behind his time. -St. Philip Neri