The Humans Matter Project

Our primary objective is to work toward the evangelization of culture through engaging the question, "Who are we?" Many people often cannot even answer the most basic question about our existence: What is a human being and why does it matter? Not properly understanding such an elementary question leads to great suffering: disrespect for human life, whether one's own or others, as well as deeply flawed notions of the purpose of our lives. We are all part of the human drama, but we need to help people "frame" the human drama properly. Some key concerns include:
  • What does it mean to be fully human?
  • Who counts as fully human?
  • Why I am here? What's my purpose?  
  • Does my life really matter?
  • Am I really loved?  
  • Can I be happy? Why do we suffer?
  • What will happen to me when I die?
We encounter people at the level of the deeper meaning of being human. Humans are more than mere material (bodies), going from one pleasure to another. We are also transcendent, having a spiritual essence, a soul. We seek love, goodness, truth, beauty, ultimate meaning and community. (If we were only material, taking care of bodily needs and pleasures only, life would seem futile and hopeless!).

This unity of body and soul can easily be known through observation and reflection, a fact acknowledged in the Judeo-Christian (and other) traditions in asserting that the human being is created in the image of God. Bringing people to a realization that the human being is both material and transcendent is essential in promoting the dignity of every human being and in helping them understand from whence their dignity comes. Too many people settle for eating out of the garbage dump of human existence, rather than the banquet!

1) Through scholarship and teaching, we are promoting a broad and all-inclusive definition of "human being" as a means to increase protections for vulnerable populations who often get sub-humanized or "defined out" of the human race, and subsequently abused and/or killed;
2) We are identifying and making explicit the connection between sub-humanizing and defining out certain groups of human beings from the human race (including categorizing them as objects) and the commission of acts of brutality against them;  
3) By telling the story of humanity in new and compelling ways, including through a Catholic revival of the arts, we can touch people at the deepest levels of the human drama, opening up a vista of meaning and purpose. 
  • We seek to promote a dynamic conversation surrounding the nature of being human and how to protect all human beings, especially the most vulnerable, from violence and death, while evangelizing the people of our culture(s).

Please support our work through your prayers, your voice and your financial contributions.

We must not be behind time in doing good, for death will not be behind his time. -St. Philip Neri